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Was Santiago Innocent - 1607 Words

WAS SANTIAGO NASAR INNOCENT? In the novel, ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Santiago never really learns of the motive behind his murder. We are given a very bias view of the reason that he was murdered for. The only evidence against him was Angela’s word. There was no real proof that he was the one who had taken Angela’s virginity. Santiago might have had a very â€Å"shit† (Marquez, 8) character, but Marquez subtly lets the reader see the other side of the coin where Santiago may have just been a mere victim of suspicion. This book is left very open ended for the readers to interpret the truth. Sometimes everything we†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"They’d gone three nights without sleeping† (Marquez, 79) this shows that when they began to fall asleep they would think about their crime an the murder scene of Santiago would keep replaying in their minds. This shows that they knew they had committed a n iniquitous deed. They probably knew he was innocent but needed to murder him in order to save the honour of their family. The murder of Santiago was a pill that kept them insomniac for life. Pedro even feared that â€Å"he wouldn’t sleep again for the rest of his life,† (Marquez, 80) Pedro began to have urine problems and he hadn’t slept in eleven months. The murder of Santiago had been publicised in even nook and corner of their town by the Vicario twins. If they actually wanted to murder Santiago they wouldn’t have told everyone about it. It can be said that there was another motive behind publicising the murder. â€Å"Twenty two people had heard everything said........ that the only reason they had said it was for someone to hear them.† (Marquez, 51) this quote divulges that they announced the murder around town in order for people to prevent them from murdering Santiago. Being Angela’s brothers it was their duty to hurt Santiago. But t hey wanted to be stopped as they probably knew that he wasn’t peccant and that he did not deserve to die. It shows that from within they didn’t even want to kill him. Pablo claimed that Pedro told him to go by himself to kill Santiago as he wasn’t in theShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Movie A Few Good Men Essay1555 Words   |  7 PagesCorporal Harold Dawson and Private First Class Louden Downey carried out a â€Å"code red† on Private First Class William Santiago that ultimately resulted in Santiago’s death. In the film A Few Good Men, nominated for an Academy Award for best picture and directed by Rob Reiner, Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, investigates the crime and develops his own opinion on whether the murder of Santiago was ethically stable in terms of Dawson and Downey’s mental attitude towards their actions. Meanwhile, Dawson and DowneyRead MoreThe Father, The Son And Santiago Nasar939 Words   |  4 PagesDarla Calicher Mrs. Dowling IB/CITS English 11, Hour 2 11 March 2015 The Father, the Son and Santiago Nasar: Section Four journal Frequently, authors juxtapose the protagonists of their stories akin to historical, symbolic, or heroic figures. Throughout Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Marquez relates Santiago Nasar with the metaphysical and physical Jesus Christ; however, â€Å"no literary Christ figure can ever be as divine as Jesus Christ† according to Thomas Foster’s â€Å" YesRead MoreAssigning Blame in Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez1137 Words   |  5 PagesGarcà ­a Mà ¡rquez’s novella, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the character development of Angela Vicario demonstrates that she is guilty for Santiago Nasar’s death; however, the different aspects of the hispanic culture also share the blame. Mà ¡rquez develops Angela Vicario’s character as a deceptive and gullible young girl which highlights her being guilty for Santiago Nasar’s death. Angela’s husband Bayardo San Roman finds out on the night of their wedding that Angela is not a virgin, and returns herRead MoreThe Alchemist Character Analysis1346 Words   |  6 Pages Coelho shares this idea as he attempts to describe what he believes this shared story is through a boy named Santiago. However, while the humanity and Santiago may share the same goals, the way that Santiago achieves them is unrealistic compared to most of society. Santiago begins innocent and unknowledgeable of the world, and goes out on a mission to find his Personal Legend. Santiago becomes more mature and knowledgeable throughout the story because of the different obstacles he overcomes onRead MoreChronicle of a Death Foretold Reflective1503 Words   |  7 Pagescriminals, and let the innocent walk. The judicial system allows f or there to be a trial where evidence is presented. Through the evidence presented, the jury then decides if the person on trial is innocent or guilty. Never in any trial, in any courthouse, under any judge would it be allowed for a murder to be justified so that one could restore a relative’s honor. However, this is not true in the location of Chronicle of a Death Foretold, as the Vicario twins were found innocent due to â€Å"legitimate caseRead MoreChronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez1405 Words   |  6 Pagesdescription of individuals and their environment is used to expose and discuss the duality surrounding them. It draws into question the differing ways in which the natures of characters like Santiago Nasar and the Vicario twins can be interpreted. Throughout the novel, Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez’s descriptions Santiago Nasar lend themselves to two contrasting depictions; he is either the antagonist or the protagonist of the story. Either quality can be supported by the imagery Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez used in conjunctionRead MoreAnalysis Of Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez1567 Words   |  7 Pagesform of a woman s value based on sexuality, was a prevailing influence of one s importance in society. Although, today one may say this perception of status has vanished and been interchanged by wealth, it is still an essential concept that differentiates one s superior qualities and character in society. This notion of honor is greatly portrayed in the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, when Angelica’s brothers kill Santiago Nasar for taking her value as a woman. HoweverRead More Chronicle of a Death Foretold, by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez Essay1078 Words   |  5 Pagesvalues, s uch as honor, have become more important than the inherent good of human life. The Vicario brothers belief that their sister was done wrong was brought upon by this honor, along with racial and social tension. The dangerous path of both honor and religious faith caused Santiagos untimely death. Before God and before men, Pablo Vicario said. It was a matter of honor (Marquez 56). In the town honor is taken very seriously and any action taken to protect ones own honor or familysRead MoreHow to Effectively Interpret Evidence in the Movie A Few Good Men678 Words   |  3 Pagesof poisoning and killing PFC Santiago. Throughout the movie, A Few Good Men, the aspects of accurately reported, omitting and conflicting evidence are violated and or affirmed. The test of accurately reported evidence is present amidst evidence from Dr. Stone, Lieutenant Kendrick, and PFC Santiago. When Dr. Stone testified on behalf of PFC Santiago’s death, he bases it off of his experience as a medical doctor. He reports that in his professional opinion, poison was the leading contributor to PFCRead MoreMachismo In Gabriel Garcia Marquezs Chronicles Of A Death Foretold1126 Words   |  5 PagesMachismo, in Latin American countries was derived from the word macho meaning an intense masculine pride. Machismo was first used in 1948, and was taken as a code of honour for men, rules that would make you considered macho. Respect and reputation are highly regarded as important traits in Machismo, and are the driving force of reason in the novel. (Add another sentence about the broadness of Machismo). The plot of the novel is based on the murder of Santiago Nasar, and is rooted in Machismo. The

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Monologue Reading and Students - 6486 Words

Middle/High School Monologues Teaching Students to Read and Write Monologues Welcome to the World of Monologue A Sample Unit of Lessons for Middle and High School Teachers Jefferson County Public Schools Version 2.0 WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MONOLOGUE By all reports from the field, this unit can be a lot of fun for you and your students: †¢ there’s performance †¢ there’s walking in others’ shoes and learning empathy 1 Middle/High School Monologues †¢ there’s connecting to Farris Bueller, Bill Cosby, Lily Tomlin, Hamlet and even Jay Leno †¢ there are even places for content area teachers to jump in. If you choose to use this unit later in the year, students might be more ready than ever to try on different personae or share their empathy†¦show more content†¦Table of Contents The following lessons are included in this Monologue Unit: Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Defining Monologue Reading Monologues 3 Middle/High School Monologues Lesson 3: Lesson 4: Lesson 5: Lesson 6: Lesson 7: Lesson 8: Lesson 9: Appendix Finding a Character Fleshing out a Character Finding the Focus Drafting the Monologue Revisiting Models Revision-by-Rehearsal Publishing-by-Presentation Extensions/Accommodations for ECE and Other Diverse Learners UNIT: TOPIC: Monologue Defining â€Å"Monologue,† Lesson 1 Students will determine qualities of monologue and identify them in models Literary Writing Literary Writing LESSON OBJECTIVES: CORE CONTENT: WR-M-1.3 WR-H-1.3 4 Middle/High School Monologues RD-M-1.0.12 Identify characteristics of short stories, novels, poetry, and plays RD-H 1.0.9 Analyze critically a variety of genre VOCABULARY: monologue, concept map RESOURCES AND MATERIALS: †¢ Text from 4-5 monologues (novel passages, TV, radio or movie scripts, student models, dramatic excerpts) †¢ copies of concept map for students †¢ Overhead definition of â€Å"monologue;† student copies optional †¢ Web sites and sources for monologues: (blocked by JCPS, but assessable elsewhere) Winning Monologues for Young Actors (Peg Kehret, Meriwether Publishing, Ltd.) Burning Up the Stage (Vin Morreale,Show MoreRelatedCommunism Exposed in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and Crime and Punishment1541 Words   |  7 PagesFyodor Dostoevsky. Through setting and internal monologue, both authors depict the effects of the brutalities of communism on Mans spirituality. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich demonstrates the brutalities of communism as symbolized by the brotherhood of men inside a forced labor prison camp in Siberia. The underlining theme of a Soviet backed camp system reflects both communisms contributing influence to the novellas internal monologue and setting. Not understanding the novellas presentRead MoreDrama Notes Essay1539 Words   |  7 PagesAttendance: DVC DRAMA fall productions: Zombie Prom; The Children’s Hour Recommended Reading: Scattered Notes on a Littered Desk: Reflections on Acting by Jim Kirkwood, Edited by D. Dildine. Revised 2009. Available in the DVC Bookstore. This course focuses on acting fundamentals with an emphasis on the heightening and focusing of physical and vocal energy, and the beginning elements of scene study. Students will learn how to assess and rechannel their physical hypertension, and apply scene studyRead MoreNotes On The Novel Fences And Pied Piper Of Tucson 1080 Words   |  5 PagesUnit Learning Trajectory Students examine the ways in which mystery, tension, and surprise are used in informational and literary texts to engage and intrigue readers. First, students read short stories and poetry, including a close reading of Joyce Carol Oates’ short story, â€Å"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?† and Mara Bovsun’s article, â€Å"Pied Piper of Tucson;† they identify and describe ways authors ‘hook and hold’ readers with specific choices. Next, students read the play Fences by PulitzerRead MoreWomen s Leadership And Sexual Division Of Domestic Labor1419 Words   |  6 Pageswho did break through the barriers and make it into office and it showed that all the women had high self-esteem and sense of competence, creative aggression and a desire to have a positive impact on the world (p.100). It was interesting to be reading this article during an election year, especially because there is a woman who has a solid chance of becoming president. It is frustrating that there are not more women representing the country in politics. After all, that sex does make up half theRead MoreWomen s Leadership And Social Change Class1859 Words   |  8 PagesThrough this semester’s readings, we learned that 70 percent of girls and women think it is time to change the way society talks about menstruation. The 14 students in this semester’s Women’s Leadership and Social Change class are part of that 70 percent. This is clear, for when the class was split into the two groups and has to develop an activist project, both chose to focus on the need of destigmatizing menstruation. While one group chose to gear its project toward homeless menstruating personsRead More D.C. Berrys On Reading Poems to a Senior Class at South High1043 Words   |  5 PagesD.C. Berrys On Read ing Poems to a Senior Class at South High In On Reading Poems to a Senior Class at South High by D.C. Berry, the author vividly portrays the interactive experience of a poetry reading between a senior high school class and its teacher. The event is compared to a school of fish excitedly swimming around an aquarium until a sudden rupture in the aquarium causes everyone to leak out. Berry uses form, sound devices, and poetic devices to enhance the different levels ofRead MoreDifferentiated Instruction And The Udl Principles Essay1251 Words   |  6 Pagesappropriate teaching methods, particularly recognition, strategic and affective, the guide aims to identify ways in which differentiated instruction coordinates UDL theory. Varying theories have been proven to be affective in supporting different skills as students learn, from gifted and talented to those providing more support in special education programs. Examples of UDL and Differentiated Instruction (In a Drama Classroom) Figure 6: UDL Teaching Method Supportive Differentiated Instruction Features ProvideRead MoreObservation: Preschool Program Serving Students with Disabilities677 Words   |  3 Pages Observation: Preschool program serving students with disabilities. The program I observed combined both group and individualized activities. During the beginning of the day, students and teachers met together for a general morning session. The teacher used a wake-up song with bodily movements, and some of the paraprofessionals helped students go through the motions of the group dance, if they had issues with motor skills. Afterwards, children were allowed some free time on their own, duringRead MoreEssay The Pedagogy of the Oppressed774 Words   |  4 Pagesmetaphor really say about modern society and the disenfranchised? Freire begins Chapter Two of his novel â€Å"Pedagogy of the Oppressed,† by analyzing the teacher-student relationship that is characteristic of the Socratic/Lecture Teaching Methods. Freire refers to these teaching methods as â€Å"the banking concept of education,† where the students are considered empty bank accounts just passively and robotically waiting to be filled with deposits from the omniscient professor s. (1) While at first, theRead Moremeeting at night1124 Words   |  5 Pagesdramatic monologue. He was born in Camberwell, England. His mother was an accomplished pianist and a devout evangelical Christian. His farther, who worked as a bank clerk, was also an artist, scholar, antiquarian, and collector of books and pictures. In 1828, Browning enrolled at the University of London, but he soon left, anxious to read and learn at his own pace. The random nature of his education later surfaced in his writing, leading to criticism of his poems’ obscurities. After reading Elizabeth

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The American Dream in the Works of John Steinbeck and...

Two writers who come quickly to my mind whenever I hear or see images of American patriotism are John Steinbeck and Hunter S. Thompson. As different as these two men are, their writing is similar in that the American Dream constantly fails their characters. Both seek to define America and the American Dream, however, it remains seemingly elusive, and both writers fail to find it. I choose Steinbeck and Thompson because, to me, their writing styles are the same. They have the same lust for language and powerful writing. Their subjects are contemporary; they are not necessarily moral or upright, but are average people. Both view the world in the same sad way, that people are as easily led to beauty as deceit, joy to sorrow and life to†¦show more content†¦Personal journalism is only worth reading if something exciting or out of the ordinary happens, and takes a certain touch. (As human beings, we tend to go for the exciting. In Travels, Steinbeck may as well have printed how many times he changed his underwear). Travels is a failure all in itself, as Steinbeck throws his characteristic prose out the window. Thompson also goes on the road. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream, while a smashing success, is a two-fold failure. First, Thompson and his attorney (Oscar Zeta Acosta; the attorney is never named, except, some think, in the urgent speed letter as Dr. Gonzo) also fail to find the American Dream. With all its opportunities for sex, drugs, and money, they simply cant find it, no matter how hard they try. The second failure is one on part of Thompson; he edited the manuscript at least five or six times, destroying his goal of quot;buying a big fat red notebook and writing things basically as they happenedquot;. The book is not true gonzo journalism, as it had been tainted by editing as well as Acostas threats of libel. Perhaps the heart of the American Dream for these two writers is Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath and Thompsons Hells Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Grapes was written near the end of the Great Depression and published in 1939. Interestingly enough,

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Tax Havens and the Disclosure Aggregation - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about the Tax Havens and the Disclosure Aggregation. Answer: Panama papers covered an unprecedented leak of over 11.5 million files from Mossack Fonseca, which is the fourth biggest offshore law firm across the globe (Harding, 2016a). These documents highlighted the different manners in which the well-off were exploiting the secretive tax regimes offshore. Among the 143 politicians revealed in these papers, 12 were national leaders, or had their close associates and families who were using these offshore tax havens. There was a $2 billion trail which led all the way to Vladimir Putin. The others included the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Dav Gunnlaugsson, and a number of other prominent personalities (Harding, 2016b). Panama leak highlighted the manner in which there were hidden beneficial owners who used secretive companies. Due to the Panama leak, the issue of tax minimisations schemes were again questioned on whether these were ethical or whether s uch schemes were inherently unethical. This question resulted in another great question where the role of government in such schemes was questioned. This was in terms of government being required to take an action on such schemes, or to deem it as legitimate conduct (Akamah, Hope and Thomas, 2017). This discussion is focused on highlighting that such tax minimisation schemes are not ethical and that the government needs to take action on such schemes. A part of good governance practices is the companies working to minimize the tax liability which they have, by undertaken tax planning. In doing so, the companies use the tools and methods which have been allowed by the government. Even though tax planning is legal due to the tax compliant behaviour, in reality, it presents a grey area between tax planning and tax avoidance. Even though tax avoidance is categorized as legitimate, one cannot deny that it is an aggressive way of bringing down the tax liability by using certain arrangements or financial instruments which were not originally meant to be used in such manner. Based on the theme of this discussion, the use of overseas tax heavens is one of such modes. In order to avoid tax, the rules under the tax system are bent, which even though is not illegal, but does prove to be unethical, due to them following only the letter of law, in place of its spirit. So, even when the law is followed, the undertaken lowering of taxation is une thical (Back, 2013). The reason for saying that this undertaking is as unethical stems from a range of factors. The first reason in this context is that tax is a social responsibility. The government imposes and collects tax, which is then used to provide the daily base things to the public, in terms of the public infrastructure, public services, and for other different reasons. Due to the tough economic times, there are already cuts in the government spending, and where the multinational companies decide to avoid paying their share of taxes, the condition is set to worsen up. The systematic tax avoidance by the companies and rich individuals would definitely strike an ugly note in the already harsh times (Cable, 2009). Tax avoidance has been voted as the second most significant ethical issue as per the 2012 IBE survey (Ipsos, 2012). So, where tax is avoided, it is basically the social obligation being avoided. What starts with tax planning, transitions into tax avoidance, leading to the company becoming selfish and greedy and this ultimately destroys the trust of the public and damages its reputation. The leading example of this includes Amazon, Google and Starbucks who were not only vilified but also were boycotted due to their tax policies (Barford and Holt, 2013). It is the duty of the multination companies and the rich individuals to pay their fair share of tax in the nation where they operate, as it allows for the funding of public services like infrastructure, healthcare and education. And this also benefits the multinationals and rich people paying off the tax, be it in a direct manner or in an indirect manner. As a result of tax avoidance, the very integrity of the taxation system is undermined. One of the famous tactics used to avoid tax is to show that the company earned no profit. Where the company earns no profit, it would not be required to pay the corporation tax. So, even with high sales, the companies are able to show that they made no profits. HMRC recently made attempts to put the gap in corporation tax collected and the amount which should have been collected where the spirit of law in figures. This differencing figure stood at 4.1 billon (IBE, 2013). The other campaigners of this issue have estimated this value to be over 12 b illon (Murphy, 2012). 98 of the FTSE 100 companies, as per the ActionAid report of 2011 used tax havens as a mode of reducing their company tax bills (Action Aid, 2011). The companies play tax games where they shift their profits in between different jurisdictions in order to exploit the mismatches and gaps in the rules of taxation. The companies trade in an artificial manner with the shell companies which become a part of the same company group, and basically conduct business with them, in order to get the profits to disappear. As a result of this, the companies pay no or very little corporate tax. There were famous personalities like Bono, Lewis Hamilton and the Queen who had been criticized for avoiding the liabilities of tax by use of such schemes (Goff, 2017; Garside, 2017; Osborne, 2017). Even though there is a variation in their levels of culpability, they continue to be ignorant and aware of the manner in which such arrangements functions for their betterment (Lord, 2018). Where the focus is put on the ill-effects of tax avoidance upon the society, instead of defining it in a legal manner, it becomes clear that it results in growing inequality, which not only undermines the legitimacy of the state, but also increases the tax burden on the resident taxpayers (Alstadster, Johannesen and Zucman, 2017). Apart from this, the accommodation of the government, towards those structures which allow such instances of tax avoidance to take place, allows for the misuse of these in order to conceal criminal monies. An example of this is UK where there are a number of investments from such multinational companies which are based in the offshore tax havens in the property market, where there is suspicious wealth being made use of for purchasing the high end properties in UK (Allin, 2017). Tax avoidance basically shifts the funds from the public purse, which become more crucial in times of economic uncertainties and undermines the perceived social fairness. Due to thes e reasons, there is a need for the governments to bring out some measures which could restrict such activities. One of the manners of doing this is by adopting the unitary tax regime, in which the multinational businesses are deemed as single entity when it comes to the tax terms (Picciotto, 2017). Though, till the time the legal requirements for the avoidance schemes are formally approved by the state, before these are being used, instead of these being ended once they are discovered, there continues to be scope for the tax entrepreneurs to escape their tax liability (Lord, 2018). In order to further highlight how the tax minimisation by the multinational companies in unethical, there is a need to apply the leading ethical theories. The utilitarian ethics in business is the key theory which is of assistance. As per this theory, which was given by John Stuart Mill, such actions are deemed as right which help in promoting happiness for the majority. And where an action produces the reverse of happiness, it would be deemed as wrong. Tax avoidance is clearly classified in the wrong area of this theory. This is because the taxes are imposed with the intention of helping in the redistribution of earnings in a nation by taking a profit portion and then making use of it for forming the requisite programs which follow the common good theme. Where such happens that a company or an individual takes away this very liability for redistributing as a result of their tax practices, it shows that they act in an unethical manner, when the same is analysed through the lens of a utilitarian (Hall, 2015). The next ethical theory useful for present instance is virtue ethics. Virtue ethics determine that an action is to be taken as ethical, where it upholds certain virtues like honesty, integrity, justness and fairness (Winter, 2011). When the tax avoidance schemes are looked at, they reveal that there is no honesty or integrity in such acts. The purpose of indulging in such acts is merely to deceive the general public and the tax departments by showing that no profit is earned, which could be taxed; but the reality is that the profit is being diverted to shell companies, and retained for person use. This also shows the greed of the companies and individuals indulged in tax avoidance. The companies avoid paying their fair share of tax, which ultimately hurts the general public as the government is left with limited funds to work towards the betterment of such public members. It is not fair for the general public that the top cater make use of the tax avoidance schemes in fancy ways, whi ch ultimately takes away from them the things and facilities they require. Coming to the Kantian view, the need is to look at the actions undertaken by the multinational companies in order to avoid or limit their liability of tax. The Kantian view requires the undertaken actions to be ethical, instead of the result of such actions (Bowie, 2017). The multinational companies indulge in the schemes, which had been created for some other purpose by the government, just so that they do not have to pay high taxes. The actions too are thus immoral in cases of tax avoidance. So, the three leading ethical theories demonstrate that neither the undertaken actions, nor their results in the tax avoidance process is ethical, along with the absence of virtues like honesty and integrity, which is expected from such multinational companies. The large figures of the estimated loss owing to the instances of tax avoidance further strengthen the view that tax avoidance is not ethical. Panama papers were just one of the various leaks which have highlighted that tax avoidance is a real menace. The Panama leaks had 2.6 terabytes of information which was drawn from the internal database of Mossack Fonseca (Harding, 2016b). It is time that more attention is paid to the matters revolving around tax avoidance and for drawing up ways through which such unethical tasks is given the tag of being illegal as well. Only then can this menace be cured. Instead of raising arguments in favour of, or against tax avoidance is not needed as already a lot of time has been wasted in this context. It is high time that governments acts on this topic, and hides the responsible individuals, thereby bringing transparency to the tax planning process. To conclude, the Panama papers highlighted the problems of tax avoidance again, and this is not the only leak which contributed to this disclosure. There have been a number of instances which prove that these tax avoidance practices ultimately hurt the general public. This is the reason why it becomes crucial to examine the tax practices again, analyse all the issues related to the tax planning, from both legal and ethical standpoints. This is the need of time if the interests of the general public are to be secured, and for stopping such instances from happening again. There is a need to put stop of the multinational companies and the rich individuals making misuse of the schemes provided for other causes; and for bringing in the measures through which not only the letter of law, but the spirit of law is adhered to as well. Thus, from the discussion undertaken earlier, it can be concluded that tax minimisation by the multinational companies is unethical, due to these being against t he social responsibility, and being unethical based on the ethical theories. References Action Aid. (2011) Addicted to tax havens: The secret life of the FTSE 100. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Akamah, H., Hope, O., and Thomas, W.B. (2017) Tax Havens and Disclosure Aggregation. Rotman School of Management, Working Paper No. 2419573. Allin, S. (2017) Billions of corrupt wealth fuelling London housing crisis. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Alstadster, A., Johannesen, N., and Zucman, G. (2017) Tax Evasion and Inequality. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Back, F. (2013) Avoiding tax may be legal, but can it ever be ethical? [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Barford, V., and Holt, G. (2013) Google, Amazon, Starbucks: The rise of 'tax shaming'. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Bowie, N. E. (2017)Business ethics: A Kantian perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Cable, V. (2009) This crisis must spur us to take on the tax avoiders. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Garside, J. (2017) Lewis Hamilton avoided taxes on 16.5m jet using Isle of Man scheme. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Goff, P. (2017) Tax rogues like Bono are harming the worlds poorest people. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Hall, K.S. (2015) The Ethics of Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Harding, L. (2016a) Panama Papers: a special investigation Mossack Fonseca: inside the firm that helps the super-rich hide their money. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Harding, L. (2016b) What are the Panama Papers? A guide to history's biggest data leak. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] IBE. (2013) Tax Avoidance as an Ethical Issue for Business. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Ipsos. (2012) Sharp decline in those who think businesses behave ethically. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Lord, N. (2018) Tax avoidance might be legal, but its time we seriously questioned its ethics.[Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Murphy, R. (2012) How come the big business tax gap is 12 billion a year when they and HMRC deny it? [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Osborne, H. (2017) Revealed: Queen's private estate invested millions of pounds offshore. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Picciotto, S. (2017) Taxing Multinational Enterprises as Unitary Firms. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26/02/18] Winter, M. (2011). Rethinking Virtue Ethics. New York: Springer.

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Briar Rose Essay Research Paper In a free essay sample

Briar Rose Essay, Research Paper In a nutshell: Briar Rose is the narrative of the Holocaust intertwined with the fairy narrative of Sleeping Beauty. The narrative begins with the decease of the # 8220 ; Gemma, # 8221 ; the grandma of Becca. Through out Becca? s life Gemma told the narrative of Sleeping Beauty many times to her. Now, nevertheless, after doing a promise to her grandmother, to happen her past, the one time undistinguished faeries narrative might be a hint to her existent yesteryear. Before her grandma # 8217 ; s decease Becca had vowed to carry through her grandmas promise, which was to rediscover her beginning. After the grandma # 8217 ; s decease, Becca became intrigued in what she had found in a box Gemma left behind. In the box there were merely obscure hints about Gemma? s yesteryear. Drawn to the enigma of her grandmas past, Becca continued to seek for hints. After happening out what could be a lead to Gemma? s yesteryear, Becca decides to travel to Poland were everything began. Once in Poland Becca tries to work out the enigma. When Becca goes to Joseph Potocki, a one time close friend of Gemma, this is all answered There in Joseph Potocki # 8217 ; s house Becca finds the shocking decision to her grandma # 8217 ; s past. Gemma # 8217 ; s fairy narratives were non all so make believ vitamin E in the terminal. The narrative Joseph told was flooring. Gemma # 8217 ; s yesteryear was darker than Becca idea. As Joseph told his narrative, Becca began to recognize non merely the significance of the narrative ; but besides what Gemma really went through. The narrative explained Joseph? s and Gemma? s flight from the Holocaust. Joseph goes on to explicate how he had saved Gemma by conveying her dorsum to life, the flight from the concentration cantonments, and eventually, freedom. After happening the truth Becca returns place content, cognizing she has fulfilled her vow. What # 8217 ; s so particular: The book has a rich and challenging narrative line. It uses the fairy narrative of Sleeping Beauty intertwined with the Holocaust to do an all most life like narrative, that keeps you reading for more. The book is set-up with two narratives, both being told side by side, with one exclusion: Becca # 8217 ; s retelling of Joseph # 8217 ; s narrative. One narrative retells certain memories Becca had with her grandma, and the 2nd narrative is about what is soon traveling on in Becca # 8217 ; s life. Should I care: This is surely one book to look into. Using two narratives intertwined, the book is fascinating and makes you read for more. It # 8217 ; s one book you won # 8217 ; t want to set down until you # 8217 ; re done.

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Ultramares Doctrine Narrative essay Example

Ultramares Doctrine Narrative essay Example Essay Sample Accounting is one of the professions that require outmost care. In many cases, accountants ensure that they execute their duties, as the work requires. Despite this, there are cases when accountant conduct themselves in ways that do not conform to their ethnic requirements. In a case, the Ultramares doctrine is used assess the liability of accountants. Based on this doctrine, accountants are liable to third parties when they do not exercise due care, and when they are aware that third parties will see their work or use them for other purpose. Given the provision of this doctrine, I tend to differ with it concerning how accountants should be assessed when they err and fail take due care. There is need for accounting professionals to use another tool to assess the liability of accountants. This is because the Ultramares doctrine does not provide sufficient measures that can motivate accountants to practice due care in their work. For instance, an accountant may failt to take precautions while executing his work and therefore end up committing a liability. In this case, one may feel comfortable that the client may not be aware of their work or use them in any way that might harm them. The flaw in the Ultramares doctrine calls for an efficient tool that will assess accountants in an efficient way. In accounting profession, accountant should not base their ethical consideration on the Ultramares doctrine because of its shortcoming. First, the Ultramares doctrine will make accountants practice care when need be and not as a duty. This is against the ethical standards of professionals that put the interest of the client before that of the professional. In this case, accountants must be able to protect the client from any harm rather than ensure worry about him committing a liability. I believe that contemporary business does not favor the use of Ultramares Doctrine because of its influence on business operations.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 3

Human resource management - Essay Example Employee surveys have been invariably defined as questionnaires that employees are required to ensure that they fill out. These questionnaires are designed to enquire about some specific information that the employers might wish to know. Employers can be able to administer their company employees with these employee surveys at any time and these employee surveys are often given to employees at the time of their exit interviews. Of significant importance to note is that there happens to fundamentally be no incorrect answers on employee surveys as these surveys are not regarded to be tests and are mainly opinion based (McConnell, 2003). An effective employee survey can greatly help Jollibee Food Corporation in catalyzing, partnership with employees, motivation and communication. Attributes such as organizational vitality, morale, commitment and productivity can also be substantially improved throughout the organization by acting upon and listening to the suggestions proposed by the emp loyees. To achieve its effectiveness this survey plan of the corporation’s employees will look into some of the critical aspects of effectively administrating an employees’ survey. Some of these aspects include defining what the survey will aim to achieve, the risks and challenges that will probably be experienced in administrating the survey, the costs involved, the expected benefits as well as the measures that will be undertaken to ensure that the employees’ survey is conducted in an ethical and professional manner. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 What The Employee Survey should be able to Achieve 5 Challenges Experienced in the Effective Administration of a Survey 5 The Risks, Costs and Potential Difficulties That can arise in the Administration of an Effective Employees Survey and the Possible Measures that can be taken to effectively manage them 7 The Expected and Possible Benefits of the Research Survey 11 Measures that will serve to ensure that the Survey is conducted in an Ethical and Professional Manner 11 Conclusion 13 Bibliography 14 What The Employee Survey should be able to Achieve The Employee survey should help employers measure some of the critical aspects of the workplace such as the general effectiveness of the organizational processes, the employee morale in the organization. Employees are able to provide relatively accurate measures of these aspects as they are directly responsible for facilitating the different operations of the organization and as a result of their being directly in the action, these employees have an accurate perception of the state of things in the organization, what needs to be improved as well as how the organization’s different processes work. After the outcomes of a survey have been collected and effectively analyzed, in order for Jollibee Food Corporation to be able to effectively reap the benefits of the data received from the survey, employers can proceed to implement a raft of organizational changes to help in the creation of more efficient and effective processes, in addition to aiding in the uplifting of the morale within